“You Can’t Go Home Again”

As a child, I loved “The Bamboo Noodle Parlor” in Ogden, Utah, mainly for the table-side jukeboxes and friendly owner who liberally passed out dum-dum lollipops. While dreaming wistfully about this now non-existent Chinese restaurant run by a Japanese man, it occurred to me that he probably spent time in Utah, USA dreaming about his own childhood spent (possibly) back in Japan. Hence the cartoon with each of us dreaming of another time in another country.

I haven’t run across any actual photos of “The Bamboo” on-line, but I did find this advertisement for a grand re-opening in 1957:

Bamboo Noodle Parlor 1957 advertisement.

Cheers “Bamboo Noodle Parlor”! Thanks for giving me my first Americanized taste of “The Orient.”

6 responses to ““You Can’t Go Home Again”

  1. I think it’s a curse for all expats … forever to want to be someplace you’re not. And yet I’ve still to meet someone who regrets their expat experience.

  2. strip generator? i like that. eventually you’ll put all the “real” artists out of work :). but if that is where the world heading, so be it.

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