If a Kaiju really attacked Hong Kong

I saw Pacific Rim for the sole purpose of gawking at fight scenes between giant monsters (“Kaiju”) and giant robots (“Jaejer”)  in and around Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor.

I was not disappointed.

Are they wrestling in the Kwai Tsing Container Terminals? Did that robot smack the monster in the face with a cargo ship in Admiralty? Did the hulking Kaiju just step over the pedestrian bridge connecting Exchange Square to World-Wide House where the domestic helpers buy phone cards on Sundays? Yes, yes and yes.

I was willing to ignore the strange appearance of a very India-specific black and yellow auto-rickshaw. I laughed over the ultra-exotified “oriental” streets of Hong Kong (1930s Shanghai, anyone?). My ears perked up at the sound of Mandarin rather than Cantonese being spoken on occasion in the background and my eyes were drawn to the sight of a simplified Chinese character (Ha! They don’t know just how much that annoys native Hongkongers!).

But the most striking inaccuracy was the complete and utter lack of cameras and smartphones in Hong Kong.

If a giant Kaiju attacked Hong Kong this is what would happen:

What would happen if a Kaiju actually entered Victoria Harbour (Source: photo mine, Godzilla image from Transient Monkey)

What would happen if a Kaiju actually entered Victoria Harbour (Source: photo mine, Godzilla image from Transient Monkey)

Perhaps in the near-future of Pacific Rim all smartphones have already been replaced by neural implants or Google Glass.

What film have you watched with your own city portrayed as a backdrop? Entertaining or cringe-worthy?


11 responses to “If a Kaiju really attacked Hong Kong

  1. That sounds like the best possible reason to watch Pacific Rim, and now that you mention it, that is a very good point about the cameras. Not necessarily specific to HK?

    • You’re very right that folks would also have their cameras out during Kaiju attacks in Sydney, Manila, Tokyo, and Seattle. That said, Hong Kong tends to be uber-obsessed with smartphone cameras and with documenting everything!

  2. That’s funny — I guess thankfully most of the audience doesn’t notice those distracting things.

    Now that I speak Russian, I’ve noticed in several movies they will simply take any Cyrillic sign on set and use it anyway. One movie features “Bread” as an exit sign…

  3. There’s something to be said about watching landmarks that you know destroyed in a less-than-stellar movie about monsters and robots duking it out with each other. Glad you approached it with a sense of humor, though!

  4. Unfortunately, Kaiju is already here..it is chinese made and sucks up everything of value like personal beauty products, cancer and prescription drugs, all kind of food, milk powder, electronics and computer gear….Kaiju has its sights on local media (TV/Newspaper) and supermarket/grocery store chains

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